Types of Cat Locket Necklaces

The most popular type of cat locket is the heart-shaped urn that holds cremated ashes. This jewelry item has an engraved message on the inside, and comes in different colors. Many people will choose to wear a cat locket as a keepsake, because of the unique design and sentiment. If you are thinking of purchasing … Read more

CORR Cat Incense Holders

If you like cats, then you’ll want to purchase a cat incense holder. These lovely little items are made of high-density resin and are a perfect addition to any home. These tiny kitty-shaped holders will keep your incense burning while looking adorable. They can fit comfortably on a shallow shelf or in a tight workspace, … Read more

Cat Paw Earrings

Whether you’re a purrfect kitten or are a cat lover, you can’t go wrong with Cat Paw Earrings. They’re unique and stylish and can be a great gift for any feline lover! Made of 925 Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Plated, they are also nickel and lead free. And they even come in a jewelry … Read more

Pidan Cat Litter

Pidan cat litter is made of food-grade bean dregs, which otherwise go to landfills. It is made without artificial additives, making it safe for cats to use. Moreover, it uses natural ingredients to prevent your pet from experiencing allergies and other health problems. This new version of cat litter is a great improvement over its … Read more

How to Find a Good Cat Sitting Reference

The best way to find a great cat sitter is to ask friends or family members who’ve used one. They can be a great resource to help you decide who is the best choice for your feline friend. A good pet sitter is knowledgeable about feline behavior and is devoted to providing quality care. If … Read more

The Company That Makes Integrity Cat Litter

The company that makes Integrity Cat Litter, a multi-cat clumping cat litter, has been around for years. The company’s products are a great choice for people who want the highest quality, natural kitty litter on the market. This product is made from 95% Wyoming sodium bentonite clay and 5% Zeolite, which traps odors and toxins … Read more

How to Tell If Your Cat is Your Familiar

There are many ways to tell if your cat is your familiar. The easiest way to recognize this is to observe if your cat is concentrating its energy on your lap. Or, if your cat is licking you on the nose. A familiar will also understand your unspoken thoughts, which makes it an ideal companion. … Read more

Why Does My Cat Drag His Bed Around?

If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed your cat dragging his bed around the house. While it can be fun to see your pet move from one place to another, this behavior can become very annoying and difficult to deal with. It’s instinctive, and your cat is just trying to find a different spot … Read more

Are Dates Good For Cats?

The answer to the question “are dates good for cats?” is yes, but they should be rationed. They’re not poisonous, but a large quantity of dates can cause serious health problems for your cat. A date a day should be restricted to a maximum of five dates a week, and too many can lead to … Read more

What Does a Cat Have That No Animal Has?

One of the great mysteries of the world is the question, “What does a cat have that no other animal has?” There are several ways to answer this riddle, and many of them are a delight to solve. Some people have no problem with solving them, while others struggle. There are so many things to … Read more