Pidan Cat Litter

Pidan cat litter is made of food-grade bean dregs, which otherwise go to landfills. It is made without artificial additives, making it safe for cats to use. Moreover, it uses natural ingredients to prevent your pet from experiencing allergies and other health problems. This new version of cat litter is a great improvement over its … Read more

Are Dates Good For Cats?

The answer to the question “are dates good for cats?” is yes, but they should be rationed. They’re not poisonous, but a large quantity of dates can cause serious health problems for your cat. A date a day should be restricted to a maximum of five dates a week, and too many can lead to … Read more

Can Cats Have Spirulina?

Spirulina is a natural blue-green algae that is abundant in warm waters. Its many benefits include supporting immune function, providing high-quality protein, and aiding in the formation of the cat’s cartilage. Unlike fish, spirulina is completely digestible by the animal, and thus it doesn’t affect the digestive system. It is also an excellent source of … Read more

Why Does My Cat Like to Sleep Under Blankets?

You’re probably wondering, “Why does my cat like to sleep under blankets?” This behavior is a sign that your cat is uncomfortable in its surroundings, which may be because it is unable to see or hear things under the blankets. However, your cat may simply not like the smell of the blankets, or that they … Read more

Why Does My Cat Kick Herself in the Face?

Why Does My Cat Kick Herself in the Face?

Many people wonder “Why does my cat kick herself in the face?” This behavior is common in cats. The reason for the behavior is unknown, but it is a common occurrence. Whether your cat is playing G.I. Joe or attempting to roll off a couch, it’s a sign that she’s feeling insecure or stressed. In … Read more

How to Stop Cat From Moving Kittens

How to Stop Cat From Moving Kittens

You may be wondering how to stop cat from moving kittens. After all, it is not only your cat’s job to protect her young, but it also perceives you as a threat to them. So, you should avoid approaching your pet. Instead, make sure your home is a quiet place with a soft bed and … Read more

What Has More Lives Than a Cat?

Can Cats Have Ketchup

You’ve probably heard the saying, “What has more lives than a cat?” Well, that’s actually an old myth that the frog has more lives than a cat. It croaks all night, and it can be heard croaking across the woods at night. But is there anything more interesting than a frog? The answer is no, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Sleep in Between My Legs?

Why Does My Cat Sleep in Between My Legs

A cat likes to sleep between your legs for a number of reasons. It gives you warmth and security. It’s also a way for your cat to mark your territory, since he will have his own scent on your leg and can easily detect you when you’re moving around. Your cat also likes the elevated … Read more

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat is watching you shower, you’re not alone. Many cats love to spend time with their owners in the bathroom, and they’ll follow you into the shower and meow as you go. While it may sound like a scary situation, your cat may just be curious about you. This … Read more